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Thinking of buying 

new  tractor

tires again this year? 

Think again....

The Stalk Pusher vs a stalk roller, stalk smasher, stalk crimper- We are simply your

best  choice-

  • Cost Effectiveness--                  An entire unit is priced at less than two tractor tires.  This is BY FAR the most reasonably priced unit on the market. 
  • Ease of Mounting--                   No need to install multiple pieces to run over each row.  That's just more parts that need maintenance.   Each Stalk Pusher arrives with complete mounting hardware.
  • Total Clearance--            Generation III models boast up           to 25" of clearance and our patent pending oscillating bar means each side moves independently with the terrain.    Great for moving over those field terraces! 
  • Ease of Use--                             Roller system lays stalks flat, rather than an individual skid system that may catch debris, this wont catch trash!

Your best choice...

Durham Ag Tech's  Durham Stalk Pusher

The Durham Stalk Pusher in Burlington was invented in 2008 by Galan Durham. 
Durham Ag Tech's Durham Stalk Pusher has branched out all over the Midwest.

Stalk Pushers are currently running in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas,

Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio, Iowa and of course our home state of Colorado!