Custom Fertilizer set up

Custom Saddle Tank Set Up and fertilizer parts

Durham Ag Tech in Burlington


Stainless steel delivery tubes

We offer over 65 different styles of

stainless steel delivery tubes are one of many fertilizer parts we have available

and can custom bend tubes as well.  

Call for more information.

Custom Fertilization

Durham Ag Tech offers a full service parts room

for all of your spray/fertilization needs. 

With over 30 years in Ag related business, we have an extensive background in fertilizer application products,

including NH3 components.

 Don't know what you need?  

               We can help you design a custom set up.  
Don't know how to do it? 

             We can help by installing the system for you.  

Don't worry....our service doesn't end at the sale.  

We are here to help troubleshoot problems you may have.

Not just today but whenever you need us.